Chris “CT” Tamburello – BIOGRAPHY

ct-tamburello-real-worldChris “CT” Tamburello was born on 7/16/1980 in Brooklyn, NY but grew up in the Boston suburbs. He is most famous for his role in MTV‘s reality series, The Real World Paris. CT attended the University of Massachusetts for Business Management and worked as a bartender in a local Boston nightclub close to his campus

During the time of the show he was 23 years old, and was attending higher education at the University of Massachusetts, where he pursued a degree in Business Management. At nighttime, Tamburello would also work full-time as a bartender for a nightclub located near his school. He has been described as being both self-confident and hardworking, as well as capable of achieving anything that he puts his mind to.

Despite initially being pegged as a silent and mysterious type, Tamburello also proved to be both strongly opinionated on the show, with his forceful personality getting into conflict and confrontations with Christina, Leah, and Adam. Subsequently, a lot of tension arose in the household from their clashes. Later on, he and Christina begin to tease and flirt with each other, though it doesn’t develop into anything stronger beyond that. Tamburello has further been described as being strongly loyal to his family,christopher-ct-tamburello maintaining good ties with them.

He is known for making choices for himself, not choices to please other people, and his confidence often borderlines on cockiness. He was the creater of tension on the show, as he started fights with many of his housemates.
Although he may be seen has having an “Irish temper,” he is the life of any party and is always up to have a good time. There’s few who play the game quite like CT. A fast-talker, a notorious schemer, and most of all a loose cannon, CT left the Inferno 3 early after punching Davis in the eye.

Before that, he had a vicious meltdown on The Duel after he lost to Brad, and threatened to “murder” Wes. CT’s softer side came out on Fresh Meat, when romance blossomed with Diem, making for the most unlikely “teaming” in Challenge history.


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